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We will help you solve your club short-term issues or work on club long term plans! We will work with your people to provide them our knowledge and add value to their development! We will help you reach your sport and financial goals!

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We are a group of individuals working in different companies, clubs and institutions, gathered together by same values, passion and vision of football.

Our idea is to investigate, create and ennoble football with yet undiscovered levels of football transformation.

We see football as important net in society and environment which, as a whole share unique set of values and beliefs appreciating sport and secrecy of fullfilling humans as truly happy beings on and off the pitch.

We believe football is human activity in performing artifacts (artworks) expressing the performers (on & off the pitch) imaginative, conceptual ideas and technical skills, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power… as same as art!

We believe football is performing art in which audience are entertained by tricks or illusions of seemingly impossibile feats using natural means… as same as magic!


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Hamstring injuries in professional football: Summary of research that tracked causes through 21 seasons.

A research paper titled “Hamstring injuries in professional men’s football: a 21-season review” by Ekstrand et al. The paper investigates the incidence, burden, and characteristics of hamstring injuries in professional men’s football over a 21-season period from 2001/2002 to 2021/2022. The study aims to provide updated information on the trends and patterns of football hamstring…

Example of scouting report


AnaLysis of City, Arsenal and Liverpool

1. Manchester City  Manchester City is a team which bases its game on a set defence and many passes before the end of the action. Over the years, their coach Pep Guardiola has created a game structure in attack whose primary focus is the prevention of the opponent’s counterattacks. With this objective, the role of…

Difference between Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester city on the pitch in the 2021/2022 season through the statistics.

Difference between Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester city on the pitch in the 2021/2022 season through the statistics. After analysing nine leagues in Europe (TOP5+Austria, Belgium, Croatia, and Poland) ( based on a survey conducted on LinkedIn I have analysed three clubs from Premier League in the season 2021/22: Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal. So, how…

Compared to the last, what changed in Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool this season?

This analysis was made on the first 17 rounds of the Premier league. Besides this season, the highest changes are identified and presented. Also, the biggest changes which have significant statistical correlation this season is also given. Analysis was made based on the criterium “victory”. It means that all presented data all in relation to…

Do leagues generally differ between themselves on the pitch by different game aspects and how?

Have you ever wondered do leagues between themselves differ between each other based on the overall performance on the pitch? I mean of course they differ, if you have team with 100 times more values than team in another league, but how do they differ? And how would you identify the differences between leagues? I…


After calculating enterprise value for TOP100 clubs ( in 31 European leagues, I have calculated Brand value of TOP75 clubs from the same leagues. What is brand value? Brand value is value stated in money somebody would be ready to buy your brand for. It is defined through logo, brand name, and everything what is…


publicly traded clubs included) without taking into consideration of market capitalization, debt, and cash? Yes, TOP 100 European clubs by enterprise value calculated! After four months of research, I and my team were dealing with calculations of the enterprise value of TOP 100 European clubs using statistical analysis to find an algorithm that does not…


As I have been analyzing in last articles, most important of 12 quality areas are Cognitive care, Human capital, Productivity and Talent identification.

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If a player doesn't master the football alphabet in his youngest days with a excellent, his whole life will “football-stutter``.

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