Josip Korda

Josip Korda has been in the business of sports analytics for the last 8 years, with almost 4 years of working as a data engineer in an IT firm on projects other than sports. Started as a football analyst in a Croatian sports analytics company analyzing both players and teams as a whole, where he developed required skills to later directly work with a couple of coaches from the Croatian First Division. He also worked as a team leader on a specific scouting project with a leading Croatian club, helping with big data management, player discovery and scouting process.

University of Zagreb Graduate and Master in Engineering. HalfSpace Analytics, Head, Department of Analytics.

HalfSpace Analytics: group of football analysts, scouts, coaches and data engineers joined in a project of combining traditional scouting and inhouse unique data analysis in an innovational hybrid process to find the ideal player additions for football clubs, cooperated with multiple clubs in Croatia

WORKS: Halfspace, LTTsports