Club transformation

  • Systematized guidelines for Sport/Technical director and Academy director for realization of vision with an estimation on how it will affect their processes.
  • Systematized values which represent the clubs identity, mainly in relation to youth development. Guidelines on how to use these in club academy activities and develop potential from it for overall club support and success
  • Assessment of key personnel from psychologist and development guidelines for each of the assessed persons. Guidelines for HR department on what to work on and how to approach it.
  • Systematization of working process and their impact on overall production of the academy. Detection of weak areas and potential strong areas. Guidelines for activities which will make your academy better as based on benchmarking with working processes from the best European football youth academies.
  • Systematization of resources based on potential extracted from them, and guidelines on how to use them in a more efficient way.
  • Systematization of the clubs environment with detection of unused potential areas and guidelines on how to utilize this in developing academy structures and processes. Identification of areas which could be handled in a more efficient way and mechanisms of how to overcome this gap.
  • Systematization of the position of club in comparison with clubs across Europe based on universal European quality metrics. Identification of strategic guidelines on how to reach a better position. Identifying current position of club compared with European clubs from the top 7 leagues.
  • Identification of areas where club can be challenged and guidelines on how to challenge them to be more efficient. Assessment of process of recruitment and guidelines for recruitment in the future for new coaches.
  • Presentations from theoretical and practical perspective working with club on daily processes of high importance to the academy in order to improve efficiency.
  • Detect main strategic principles and guidelines of how to use them, based on the set values, ambitions, goals, resources and human capital. Detection of key areas for strategic actions, key roles, owners and observers of the process with a clear timeline.
  • Preparation of key personnel through HR activities on daily work based on project-oriented tasks, creative work and preparation for transfer of knowledge, selection of clubs and institutions to visit after preparation to challenge club expert solution for strategic goals, revision of KPIs based on transfer of knowledge and creative approach to work. Define detailed KPIs for realization of all strategic goals with clear responsibilities, a dynamic plan and by supporting successful realization from HR and other departments.