Research, education & development

  • Development plan for employees
  • Support in development of employees
  • Education of goalkeeping coaches (coordinators) on the manner of work and implementation of activities within the club, goalkeeping academy, and staff, and the role of goalkeeping coaches in modern football in general.
  • Creating development plans for coaches.
  • Defined system of training football coaches according to precisely defined standards. Based on that, the posssibility of upgrading with new professional staff that would complement the existing knowledge opens up.
  • Creating development plans for staff
  • Lectures and workshops on different topics from the mental preparation / sport psychology domain (e.g. team cohesion, motivation and self-motivation, self-regulation of emotions, growth mindset, mental routine, visualization technique, mindfulness, etc.)
  • Lectures and workshops on different topics from the soft-skills domain (e.g. communication skills, goal setting, leadership skills, negotiation skills, stress management, etc.)
  • Coaching / individual session / mental preparation
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Adaptation and reaction in facing new challenges
  • Conducting research in football