Igor Latković

Igor Latković has years of experience in physiotherapy, specializing in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and painful syndromes of the musculoskeletal system, as well as in optimization of health, form and performance of professional athletes, with over a decade of work experience in the Croatian healthcare system. He gained his knowledge and experience working in the renowned sports diagnostic center Motus Melior in Zagreb, as the chief physiotherapist responsible for the diagnostics and programming of injuries and pain syndrome treatment processes of professional football players. Igor was part of HNK Hajduk A-Team’s professional staff, under the leadership of head coach Siniša Oreščanin. His role in Hajduk’s A team staff was the integration and application of scientific and experiential evidence in preventing injuries and executing treatment and rehabilitation of painful syndromes and injuries of football players. Igor strongly believes in a holistic approach in the treatment of both athletes and the general population, and advocates interdisciplinary teamwork with the aim of improving the bio-psycho-social aspects of athletes and non-athletes.

University of Zagreb Graduate and Master.

WORKS: Bormiamed d.o.o., Croatian football team, A team, Adidas Runners Zagreb, Sports and rehabilitation centre Motus Melior, Croatian Acedmic Sports Federation, MNK Futsal Dinamo, Institute of emergency medicine of the city of Zagreb, Professional players of Dinamo Zagreb, National team players